Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ad Placement Optimization

As you may know, custom channels are a great way to track the performance of individual ad units on your pages. Starting this week, with just a few extra steps you can make your site more attractive to advertisers by allowing them to target these channels as ad placements. Creating ad placements for more visible and desirable ad locations on your site increases their value to advertisers using site targeting and encourages those advertisers to bid more.

By: Sugasm


John moore said...

I just filled out a form on, reputed to reduce my placement costs by half. They also offer a $20k referral rewards...
We shall see..anyone else use them?

ds r4 said...

I think T-mobile is pretty smart. In a world where little dogs are accessories; having "trinkets to go along with your phone" is a good move. How much could producing those trinkets actually cost? Vs. the price they'll be sold for you're in the black.